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EDI Resources

The Telfer School Management upholds the belief that every individual, including students, faculty members, and administrative staff, should have the opportunity to thrive in an environment free from discrimination based on factors such as race, colour, place of origin, language, religion, immigrant or newcomer status, ethnic origin, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and age.


EDI Report

In this report, you will find the results of the survey conducted by AETSA on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at the Telfer School of Management. This survey was distributed to the Telfer School of Management student population members. It was distributed through Student Union messaging groups, Faculty Club messaging groups, and Telfer Career Center Ambassador messaging groups, as well as the AETSA Instagram page. This survey was distributed in Frenchand English and covers the following aspects: Language, Identity, Inclusion and Diversity and
the EDI initiative.


These funds are designed for students who are facing financial barriers to attend Telfer events.

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