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Telfer clubs

Our 16 subsidiaries organize events year-round to help students in their personal and professional development.

It is through the involvement of these organizations and their volunteers, which allows us to provide the full Telfer Experience.

Whether its a speaker panel on finance, a case competition in marketing, or a networking session for business tech, we got it covered.

Many of our subsidiaries recruit year-round, check them out below!

Want to get involved with Telfer clubs?


ACE uOttawa, formerly known as DECA uOttawa, is a student managed organization that hosts a number of engaging business case competitions and social events throughout the academic year. ACE Canada is currently one of the largest undergraduate business student organizations in the country. As ACE uOttawa, we represent uOttawa delegates to compete against other ACE university Chapters across Canada! Cases range in many fields of business, such as finance, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Cases are real situations, created by real professionals, presented to real ‘employees’ (you) in the respective industry.


For youth by youth, AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization. We strive to expand the understanding of a nation through cross-cultural sharing and preparing youth for the future of work in challenging environment, one person at a time. Join our youth leadership movement as an AIESEC member.

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Business Technology Association (BTA) is a student-led organization at the Telfer School of Management. Our mission is to champion the management information systems and analytics discipline and promote the multi-faceted impact of data, analytics, and technology on businesses and industries. Our mandate has focused on delivering high academic development, professional growth, and employment opportunities for students pursuing careers in the growing technological workforce.

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The Business Healthcare Society, of the Telfer School of Management, is a student-run organization that aims to increase awareness of the business-healthcare industry. Our initiatives focus on educating students about the relationship and integration of business in healthcare and the growing importance of the industry in today’s society. As a club, we are dedicated to bringing exposure to the field, providing students with the resources necessary to help them pursue a career in the industry, and facilitating a forum for students to connect with other like-minded individuals.

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CASCO Charity Organization is the Telfer School of Management’s student-run charity organization. CASCO produces an annual gala showcasing the talents of our student philanthropists. The much anticipated ‘soirée’ comprises song, dance and fashion, and successfully unifies students, businesses and the community in the common goal of providing support to CHEO.

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Telfer's very own Human Resources Association aims to get you curious about HR. The HRA is focused this year on showing how HR interacts with all other faculties of business, as well as providing insight on how to excel in any career you may find yourself in!

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Enactus is a social entrepreneurship club that runs multiple social enterprises, programs, and events, all with a goal of generating positive social and environmental impact. You can gain hands-on experience in sales, marketing, event-planning, finance, strategy, and so much more. They also compete annually at the regional, national and international level at Enactus Competitions, where students on the team have the opportunity to present the team’s projects and impact to a panel of judges from some of the top companies in Canada and around the world.

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Serving members for over 30 years, the Telfer Accounting Club is one of the largest student-run clubs at Telfer. Our mission is to promote the social, academic, and professional development of students interested in the accounting profession. We help students achieve their goals through exclusive networking events, speaker panels, workshops, member socials, and more!

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TCCT provides students with career-advancing opportunities through case competitions, developing their problem solving and communication skills while interacting with industry professionals. We send delegations of Telfer students to various case competitions across Eastern Canada such as Jeux du Commerce (JDC) and Happening Marketing (HM) as well as host the Telfer Internal Case Competition (TICC).

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The Entrepreneurs’ Club of the Telfer School of Management is a not-for-profit student-run organization. Our team devotes its time to organizing professional networking events to link Telfer School of Management students with the business community while keeping the entrepreneurial theme in mind. The club aims to bring like-minded students and professionals together to create an inspirational atmosphere for start up ideas and pioneering opportunities.


Telfer Finance Society is a non-profit and student run organization that acts as Telfer's top resource for finance opportunities. Our goal, is to expose students to the rapidly expanding finance industry through unique opportunities such as networking events, mock interviews, and trips to Toronto and Montréal's financial district. With a member base of over 500 students and counting, we aim to bridge top business talents to leading professionals in the field. The 2022-2023 academic year is the 18th since the creation of the Telfer Finance Society in 2004.


Telfer International is a Telfer club that supports a variety of students within the faculty and on campus. We provide events and mentorship programs to exchange students at Telfer, unique professional experiences and opportunities for International Management students, fun social experiences for our members, and help prepare students for international exchange.

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The Telfer Business Journal is a dynamic and inclusive writing platform within the Telfer School of Management, fostering knowledge exchange, collaboration, and personal growth among students passionate about business. Their mission is to provide a space where diverse perspectives converge to discuss, analyze, and share insights on various business phenomena, while also highlighting the achievements and events that define the Telfer community, through the publication of insightful articles. By engaging in insightful discussions and promoting a culture of continuous learning, the Telfer Business Journal aims to empower its members with the skills, knowledge, and connections necessary to excel in the ever-evolving business landscape.


The Telfer Marketing Association is a student-run organization within the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. Our goal is to provide students with unique opportunities to establish valuable connections, develop their skills, and most importantly - brand themselves. TMA strives to expose members of the Telfer Student population to unique marketing experiences through professional, academic, and social events.

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The University of Ottawa Consulting Association (UOCA) aims to provide uOttawa students with practical skills and a robust network to break into internship, co-op, and full-time roles in the consulting industry. UOCA achieves this goal through hosting networking events with various firm partners, professional development activities, and producing learning content. Additionally, UOCA organizes events such as "Breaking into Consulting," office visits to top consulting firms, and the "Bridge To Success" annual conference, held in partnership with the Telfer Finance Society. These initiatives collectively empower students to excel in the consulting field and connect with industry leaders.


WMN is passionate about gender equity and determined to achieve it with the collaboration of all genders and the celebration of female leadership and achievements. We are here to connect students to female business leaders through unique events, workshops, and community engagement. We strive to empower all students to own their talent.

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