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Sara Sabbagh

BCom in Finance

4th year

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Sara Sabbagh

VP Finance

I chose to be part of the Telfer School of Management because of its community and opportunities. Business was a clear path for me because of my love for math and numbers. This year, I am looking forward to bringing back Telfer Skis, and Telfer formal! My goal for 2023-2024 is to ensure AETSA's longevity, by recruiting like-minded students. A fun fact about me is that I coached gymnastics for 7 years! Gymnastics has been part of my life since I was 5, so you might catch me doing some cartwheels outside of DMS. I don't have much spare time, but when I do, I love watching Netflix or reality TV shows. My all time favourite book is a classic, “How to make friends and Influence People”. If you see me around campus, don’t be afraid to say hi! I’m an extrovert at heart, and love talking to new people!

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