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Elna Tsane

BCom in Management

4th year

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Elna Tsane

Telfer Formal Director

My primary objective for this year in AETSA is to leverage my leadership, time management, and communication skills to foster the club's growth, with a particular focus on our Formal event. I am a creative individual with a deep passion for drawing and creating visually appealing artwork. Additionally, I have a keen interest in fashion design, drawing inspiration from my personal style, popular trends, and high-end designer clothing. As a business student, my aspirations are rooted in acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience in management to one day establish my own business. Business is a vital force in our society, serving as a catalyst for addressing societal issues and transforming innovative ideas into reality. Whether large or small, various types of businesses exist to meet diverse needs and contribute to the overall advancement of society. This eagerness drives me to continue my pursuit of knowledge in areas such as business policies, regulations, ethical considerations, effective management techniques encompassing inventory and personnel, and ways in which I can make a meaningful contribution to our community.

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