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Eden Nowiski

BCom in Management

2nd year

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Eden Nowiski

VP Social

Telfer has an amazing atmosphere that makes you want to learn and want to get involved. I came to Telfer unsure what to expect but becoming part of AETSA has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and give me so many opportunities. This is my second year in the association and last year I was the Presidential Assistant. Within my position I am in charge of facilitating most of Telfer’s largest student events including: O-Week, Telfer Formal, Telfer Skis and Wellness Week. I was born and raised in Ottawa and have always loved to be involved. In high school, I was on 4 varsity sports teams, Co-President of my Student Council and organized prom. I have danced for 15 years and now get to share my passion as a dance teacher. Currently I am also working at the Bank of Canada as a Student Event Coordinator. I truly want to be a positive voice for students and ensure you all have the best experience at Telfer. I am always here so feel free to reach out at any time or say hi if you see me!

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