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Adama Sakho

BCom in Business Technology Management

3rd year

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Adama Sakho

Special Projects Officer

Growing up surrounded by leaders and entrepreneurs gave me a passion for the world of business and entrepreneurship, and the Telfer School of Management's diversity, inclusiveness and reputation immediately appealed to me! It was with this in mind that I moved to this new city, which I immediately loved. My first few months were full of challenges, which I managed to overcome thanks to my perseverance and the wonderful encounters I made on campus through my involvement in the various club activities. More generally, I like to take advantage of my free time to read everything, but my favorite novelist is Danielle Steel! And above all, I like to go out and discover new places with friends. Finally, this year I'm a member of the faculty student council, so I'm delighted to be able to get involved in planning activities for new and current students!

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