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What you wish you knew when you started at Telfer or university

This blog post contains a valuable compilation of insights — things students wish they had known during their time at Telfer or University and tips they would give their younger selves. After asking Telfer students these questions, we received a lot of great feedback! Here is what we were told:

Feedback #1

“I wish I knew the worth of getting involved on campus and the endless opportunities it comes with earlier!”

Feedback #2

“I would advise my younger self to adopt a good study technique early on, as it will set the tone for the years to come.”

Feedback #3

“Take advantage of the academic advisors at Telfer!”

Feedback #4

“Follow the socials of clubs and associations within Telfer to keep up to date with events and possible opportunities! This is a great way to find a community within the faculty and to engage in student life.”

Feedback #5

“If you’re looking for ways to get involved but don’t know how, join a club as an exec. You meet a closer group of people and meet up more often than as a general member, get to try new things, and as a bonus you can add to your resume!”

Feedback #6

“Go to the events organized by Telfer and by the Telfer Career Centre! They are there to help students and offer resources. It’s definitely something that‘s worth taking advantage of! Stay in the know on this topic by visiting Telfer’s website, social media platforms or by getting email newsletters (but just make sure they’re not going straight to your spam or junk mail).”

Do you think we missed something? Would you like to share your insight on these kinds of topics? Please feel free to fill out our blog Writers Inquiry form. We would love to read and publish your work!

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