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Sanika Gaikwad

BCom in Finance & Marketing

3rd year

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Sanika Gaikwad

Director of EDI

Coming from a family steeped in business, I've always carried that entrepreneurial spark within me. Throughout my life's journey, I've taken on a variety of roles, including a former chess enthusiast, an avid traveller who has explored 15-20 countries, a dedicated reader, and an enthusiastic teacher. I thrive on the excitement of meeting new people, diving into new experiences, and conquering the challenges that cross my path. Beyond my professional pursuits, I am equally passionate about giving back to the community through volunteer work. As an animal lover and advocate for women's empowerment, I have dedicated my time to activities such as supporting animal shelters, rescuing animals, assisting foster pet parents, and working towards women's education. Here's a fun tidbit about me: I have a strong affinity for psychological thriller movies and series!

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