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Rhys Bazuk

BCom in Management

2nd year

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Rhys Bazuk

Director of Social

I selected business as my major primarily because of the extensive flexibility it offers. I am confident that I can customize my academic path to align with my personal preferences. I am convinced that pursuing my degree at Telfer will unlock an abundance of career opportunities, distinguishing me from my peers. The prospect of a global perspective associated with a business degree excites me, and I envision studying abroad or pursuing a career that digs into the international realm of business. I aspire to complement my commerce degree with a master's in sport management, with the goal of raising awareness for women in sports. My goal at AETSA is to engage and interact with like minded individuals. I believe it is important to engage and network with peers and make connections that will help with future endeavours. I will look to impact the lives of many students who are part of the Telfer family. I feel that the importance of the social is often over looked and is a great way to connect with your peers. A fun fact about me is that I play on the Women’s Golf team. I enjoy all things sport, it helps me to clear my mind of the stress that comes with studying. The show I am currently watching is the Summer I Turned Pretty.

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